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Pink Pad
Pink Pad is a free menstrual and fertility tracker and social health network for women.
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BabyBump is a free comprehensive pregnancy app and social network for expecting parents.
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Kidfolio is a free digital scrapbook and social network for parents.
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Sliprose Platform
Sliprose integrates mobile, social and commerce into a single platform to bring compelling monetizable experiences to any domain.
Social Network
Immersive post, poll, photo, and video experiences. Publicly hosted or user-created private and family groups.
Social Commerce
Native mobile storefront with personalized recommendations based on deep life stage and peer-to-peer engagement.
Tracking & Analytics
User tracking and community analytics deliver content and product suggestions at just the right time.
Rapid Iteration
Native, cross-platform (Android, iOS, webOS, web) components with the ability to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy.
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